About Us

Alexander Cleaning Service was founded in 1991 in Birmingham, Alabama. Our mission is simple. We strive to provide safe, quality services at economical prices in a professional, prompt, and timely manner. That was our goal since the inception of the company more than 20 years ago and remains our primary goal today.

ACS employees are thoroughly trained in all areas of cleaning. They are also trained in regards to the detailed specifications of each location. For the benefit of everyone involved in the providing and receiving of service, we must adopt a safety first attitude. It is not sufficient to believe that people generally understand basic safety procedures. It is our duty at ACS to ensure all employees use safe working habits and work in a safe environment.

ACS is able to provide all machinery and equipment that is necessary for proper cleaning. We also provide environmentally safe cleaning products. As a result, an extremely efficient and economical cleaning solution will be achieved for you.

Contact our commercial cleaning company in Birmingham, Alabama, for quality service at competitive rates.